How to report Broken Links found on *

How should I report a broken link (HTTP Status 404) found on the website?

A new user is instructed to create an account when attempting to signup for mailing lists.
Workflow ends with HTTP Status 404.

Reproduce with the following navigation sequence:
Click Login button
Click link “Rocky Account Services”
Click link “creating an account in RAS”
Page returns HTTP Status 404 page not found.

Hi dmwaff,

I tried to reproduce your error but was unable to get to the link you’re finding. I believe I reproduced as you desribed, but I couldn’t find a ‘creating an account in RAS’ link



I see what @dmwaff is saying… If from List Index - RESF Lists one tries to go thru the “Sign Up” link at the top right, it goes to the page mentioned. ( Then clicking “creating an account in RAS” results in a 404 status.

However, clicking “Login” results in the “Rocky Account Services” page. Then one may create an account… A bit confusing navigation.