Errata typos for some entries

[Mantis BugTracker SSO seems broken therefore here (new account button redirects to but not back? )]

some entries do have Rocky Linux 9 in the “description” while under “Affected product” Rocky Linux 8 is mentioned …


Can you provide exact links where this happens? I just clicked 7 Rocky Linux 9 errata, and they all mention Rocky Linux 9.

As for the SSO you mention, I don’t understand what you mean? Maybe you can explain this step-by-step in more detail on what you actually did that you think that it’s broken?

Registering/logging into the bug tracker is not true SSO. The sign up link directs you to the accounts page to sign up, and that’s it. After signing up, you would go back to the bug tracker site and login.

The list shows:

[RLSA-2022:8580] | firefox security update | Security / Important | Rocky Linux 8 | 30. Jan. 2023

And the entries itself looks like this:

Its just not coherent and can lead to confusion …

It seems that I do not need to login under . The same credentials are accepted by MantisBT. I did not expect this …