MIrror Manager Issue

Hi team,

For at least a week, I’m constantly receiving error 404 when I try to access the Rocky Linux Mirror Manager (https://mirror.rockylinux.org/mirrormanager/). Is there any estimation of when this will be fixed?


I just used this url: Home - Mirror Manager and it works - looks like you have a typo in your URL, mirror instead of mirrors.

Yeah, right! Actual part - Home - Mirror Manager works. Fun parts - https://mirror.rockylinux.org/mirrormanager/ is wrong, but it is the first result in Google.


Yeah I see that, I searched found the second link to work. I’m guessing it was changed I expect the google results will update accordingly sometime in the near future.


Thank you for reporting this. I appreciate it!

This was a regression due to changes we were making for stability for download.rockylinux.org. Some background: the download.rockylinux.org and mirrors.rockylinux.org services share a common CDN configuration, and when splitting the dl.rockylinux.org traffic to another domain, I neglected to include mirror.rockylinux.org in the list of domains which should not go to the ALB for dl.rockylinux.org.

I’ve activated a new configuration just a few moments ago which fixes this regression.

Thank you for your patience and for letting us know about the issue :slight_smile:


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Just an idea - a simple http redirect from mirror.* to mirrors.* should work and will cover the cases when somewhere the old URL is cached, hardcoded and so on.

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Yep, great idea. We will likely implement this :slight_smile:

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