One of the mirrors seems to be down - rocky-linux-europe-west6.production


For some time I have an issue with dnf-makecache service. For some reason it selects this mirror:
but that one seems to be down.

When I try to open it with from other hosts, and even from the browser I am getting the error that site can’t be found.

Also, I am getting following error in the dnf log:

2023-12-22T11:16:56+0100 INFO Downloading:
2023-12-22T11:16:56+0100 INFO Error during transfer: Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve host name for [Could not resolve host:]

Is this some issue on my end or is this mirror really down?

Best Regards!

I think there is a problem, this one is also inaccessible.

@neil do you know what the problem might be?

Looks like there is a DNS issue with the entire domain. I’ve reported this to the relevant CIQ stakeholders, and have also removed all the CIQ mirrors from the mirrorlist until this is resolved.

Thank you for the report @jrocky !

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Thanks everyone for speedy resolve! You rock :slight_smile:

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