Error when downloading RockyLinux9 iso from downloads page

I want to publish this problem on the website when u try to download last iso RockyLinux9Minimal (sorry if this is not the better category to post this error )

There is a problem when I go to download RockyLinux9 from Download Rocky | Rocky Linux

When I try to download I get 404 Not Found from nginx web service.

I think is not possible to download because relink is not configured yet.

If u go to download de iso of RockyLinux9 , u need to copy the link from download example:

And delete the name of the iso , that is not can be downloaded because , dont exist as “Rocky-9.0-20220805.0-x86_64-minimal.iso”
If u go to this link u can get listed last iso:

Need to be configured the relink to new version of iso “http[s]://”

Last iso uploaded as “Rocky-9.1-x86_64-minimal.iso” was uploaded in 24-Nov-2022


The website should be updated shortly for the new links, as 9.1 has just been released.

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Thanks for the info.


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