How can I add jfs support to Rocky?

I have Rocky installed on a partition formatted ext4, but I also have some partitions in my system that are formatted with jfs. Rocky doesn’t recognize that filesystem. How can I add jfs support to Rocky?

You would likely need a kmod for it. In the past I recall there being a kmod-jfs in elrepo a long time ago. But I don’t see it anywhere for current EL’s. Maybe @toracat could provide some info.

Hum, did I hear my name? :wink:

We provided kmod-jfs for el6 and el7 (7.4 was the last, I believe). I suppose there was no more request for this driver. However my memory is quite fuzzy …

Please go ahead and submit a request via ELRepo bug tracker.

I submitted a request for “kernel-enhancement” to the bug tracker as you requested.

kmod-jfs-0.0-1.el8_7.elrepo.x86_64.rpm has just been released.