Please add zfs on root and newer kernel

please add zfs on root and newer kernel
the kernel was 4.8 it was realy old
the best would be if you can select the lts or the latest kernel during the installation min.

in addition, the zfs on root as it is e.g. with proxmox the case is really good. ext4 is out of date and btrfs too vulnerable

Are you requesting that Rocky should have zfs? Rocky is a rebuild from public sources of RHEL. A β€œclone” of RHEL. Therefore, Rocky has what RHEL has. If you want RHEL to have something, then you have to talk to Red Hat.

The default filesystem on RHEL, and therefore on Rocky, is XFS. There is no support for btrfs or zfs.

Some third-party repositories do have zfs that probably does work on Rocky. How to get it, and particularly how to get it (support for zfs) injected during installation – I have no idea.

Kernel is integral part of a distro. Red Hat maintains the kernel in RHEL. While it was originally branched from upstream kernel β€œ4.18.0”, Red Hat has already backported features and fixes into it, so the kernel is no longer what upstream had in version 4.18.0.

If you want an entirely different version of kernel, then you have (A) to get it from somewhere, who does maintain that version and ensures that security vulnerabilities are dealt with, and (B) to ensure that the packages in Rocky function with that new kernel.

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If you would like a new kernel, please try elrepo.

If you would like ZFS, try ZOL. This relies on the current EL8 kernel. Aside from this, ZFS on Linux is not supported in general by Release Engineering.