Plans for kernel-plus packages (Rocky Plus repo)?

My NAS currently runs CentOS 7, and I’m looking at upgrading it to Rocky Linux 8. I currently use the kernel-plus packages from the CentOSPlus repo, as it includes a couple of modules that aren’t built in the standard EL kernels.

It looks like I’ll need to do something similar on Rocky, as the modules arent in the standard EL8 kernels either; they are included in the CentOS 8 kernel-plus build.

I see that Rocky includes a Rocky-Plus.repo , but the repo itself only contains a single package (openldap-servers-2.4.46-16.el8.x86_64.rpm ).

Does anyone know if there are plans to bring the “Rocky Plus” repos up to parity with CentOS Plus?

As the maintainer of the centosplus kernel, I am curious to know which feature(s) you are interested in that are not in the distro kernel.

In my case, it’s the leds_gpio and leds_pca9532 modules.

I would suggest you file a request at ELRepo’s bug tracker:

Select “–elrepo–request-for-enhancement–” for the category and ask to provide those two drivers.

I’m from the release engineering team. We have no plans of providing kernel-plus as most things can be taken care of from elrepo. If you find something isn’t there, as @toracat suggested open a bug report with elrepo and they’ll likely be very open to packaging the kmod.

Welp … not what I was hoping to hear, but I do appreciate the forthright answer. I will check out the ELRepo option (or maybe just build them myself, if I can figure out how to use the kABI).


I would like btrfs drivers in Rocky 8, maybe Elrepo will solve that? (I have not been using that repo before)

@stone I believe that kernel-ml in elrepo includes btrfs as a module. Failing that, Oracle UEK has btrfs support if you really need it.


I went ahead and built the following two kmods and released them to the elrepo-testing repository:


Could you give them a try? If they work, I’ll promote them to the main repository.

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@brian is right. btrfs is enabled in kernel-ml. ELRepo has no plan to produce a kmod package as detailed in [elrepo] BTRFS for RHEL 8 .

Finally had a chance to give these modules a try, and they’re working just fine.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad to learn they worked. I will move the packages to the main repository.