Hours Relabeling in boot of rocky 9?

boot hangs in Relabeling for more than ten hours, not finished utill now.
And can not boot to be able login-in or ssh into it.
here is the last lines in the screen:

[  OK  ] Started Software RAID monitoring and management.
[  OK  ] Finished Restore /run/initramfs on shutdown.
[   13.192417] selinux-autorelable[1136]: *** Warning -- SELinux targeted policy relabel is required.
[   13.193655] selinux-autorelable[1136]: *** Relabeling could take a very long time, depending on file
[   13.194740] selinux-autorelable[1136]: *** system size and speed of hard drives.
[   13.255395] selinux-autorelable[1136]: Running: /sbin/fixfiles -T 0  restore
[   25.137406] Warning: Deprecated Driver is detected: nft_compat will not be maintained in a future major release and may be disabled
[   27.397527] selinux-autorelable[1143]: Relabeling / /boot /dev /dev/hugepages /dev/mqueue /dev/pts /def/shm /run /sys /sys/fs/cgroup /sys/fs/pstore /sys/kenel/debug /sys/kernel/tracing

I have tested it in a vitual machine, which shows It will relabel after repairing of xfs filesystem under rescue mode:

# boot into rescue (troubleshooting)  mode from DVD.iso
# chose '1' to mount system as /mnt/sysroot
umount -l /mnt/sysroot
umount -l /mnt/sysimage
xfs_repair /dev/mapper/rl-root

However, it only takes 3 miunues for the vitual machine with only 32G disk.

My true machine, have a 16T RAID1 disk ( two 16T disk, Raid 1, so only 16T in xfs filesystem ) , which have saved more than 3T Data (Including small files).
The normal raid-check process of this raid1 needs to run for more than 30 hours usually. So, Relabeling will need more than 30 hours too?

It is finished now. All works fine after reboot.

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