Error after restarting server

Hello there. I am running Rocky Linux 9 on my laptop which I use as a server with Nginx, mysql etc for hosting a website.

I was trying to set up a mail server, and the last step I made was:

sudo nano /etc/selinux/config
And set the selinux to enforcing as the guide suggested.

Then I typed: sudo shutdown -r now

What happens now is that my server drops errors while booting leading to a screen like the one I include in the picture giving me no control over my server data.

Any help?

You will likely need to get into rescue mode or an emergency shell and run touch /.autorelabel, and reboot.

Hello and thanks a lot for the quick reply.

Am facing the same error while booting in rescue mode. Furthermore, when I press β€˜c’ (in the menu where I choose for normal boot or rescue boot) the terminal that opens has no β€œtouch” installed.

Grub is not going to understand the touch command. You will need to boot into rescue or emergency mode.

This will require you to:

  • press β€œe” on the grub menu
  • modify the linux/linux16/linuxefi line to have init=/bin/bash at the end
  • press ctrl+x to boot
  • run mount -o remount,rw /
  • run touch /.autorelabel
  • reboot -f

For future readers and for mods that may be able to change the topic title, this seems to be an issue after setting selinux from disabled to enforcing.

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