History repeat?

Concerning Redhat, it looks like history may be repeating itself. Recall the IBM vs Microsoft shift in the PC market. OS/2 vs Windows. At work we ran most of our processing on an IBM mainframe and the PC side data batch processing was done on OS/2, which was easily tweakable. Compaq computers were our main server boxes. Sun Microsystems Solaris took a large chunk of of our mainframe and PC processing. Of course, most of the processing was done on the mainframe.

My point is that this will play itself out. Open source is like having dedicated Developers working for free to enhance the product with out any restrictions on creativity. That is what built Linux and it would be way too expensive for a For Profit company to keep that type of development going. My bet is that on the way down, Redhat will reopen it’s Community Support, but may have to be sold to continue being available. It is not wise to tick off your user base. Who knows, the Linux community may develop a new feature and refuse to let Redhat use it, turning the tables.

Just my opinion.