Getting Error setting up base repository during installation

i have downloaded 10 GB file from, there were no interruptions while downloading the file.

but still i was getting Error setting up base repository during installation.

i burnt the ISO file with Rufus.

now i am going to try with Minimal ISO which is around 2gb with BalenaEtcher

so, any suggestions/solutions or anyone facing same issues and have found out solution, please let me know.


Hello @Pulpy_orange

i can think of 2 reason

  1. did you verify your download there a Checksum you can use it to verify your iso

  2. did you format your usb with fat or ntfs if it was ntfs then that the issue

if the above reason is not the cause then try to use Fedora Media Writer it will help you create the bootable usb
do not download fedora only the app on the left side of the screen

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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If you are using rufus, try to use dd mode. Any other mode will fail.

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