FYI - Successful installation of CWP on Rocky Linux RC1

We use CWP on our servers, and successfully tested CWP on Rocky Linux 8.3 RC1 yesterday.

CWP installs Apache, MariaDB, PHP, BIND, Pure-FTPd, Postfix, Dovecot, ClamAV, AMaViS, OpenDKIM, and SpamAssassin as part of it’s installation.

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Awesome, Planning to upgrade my server Currently running Cent OS7. Will, the migration tool do this?

We started out with Rocky Linux RC1 installed, and then installed CWP.

The conversion script, as far as I know, is only for other el8 OS’s like CentOS 8.3/8.4, etc.
So it won’t work on Stream or el7.

The good news is el7 support won’t end for another couple years, so you can plan a slow migration.