Fsverity on Rocky 9

I’m trying to use fsverity on an ext4 filesystem in Rocky 9. I’ve got fsverity-utils and libfsverity as well as formatted the drive in question with -O verity successfully. When I go to enable verity on a file, I get the following error

FS_IOC_ENABLE_VERITY failed... Operation not supported

I think this is due to needing a kernel parameter set. Thanks for any help.

fsverity is not in the Rocky repositories therefore the Rocky team aren’t responsible for why it doesn’t work. I think you should be asking the folks from the fsverity project for assistance with your problem. If it does require a kernel flag being set, that will mean either you need to compile the kernel yourself, or perhaps try using a kernel from the elrepo repository and install kernel-lt or kernel-ml.

But either way, this question is for the fsverity team. We do not offer support for their package.

Thank you. This was my fault, reading a version number incorrectly. After rebuilding on the kernel that supports fsverity I was able to get this to work.

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