DNF default configuration and faulty download mirrors


In the default configuration, DNF uses mirrors rather than the upstream dl.rockylinux.org:

name=Rocky Linux $releasever - BaseOS

Now sometimes it happens that this configuration hangs, probably because some crappy or otherwise misconfigured mirror is identified as the fastest mirror and blocks it all.

I know there’s always the solution to comment out the mirrorlist stanza in all the *.repo files and uncomment the baseurl lines. But I think this problem should be handled upstream by the Rocky maintainers.

Any suggestions ?

PS: right now mirrorlist hangs completely, and using the upstream dl.rockylinux.org gives a whopping 20 kb/s. Meh.

PPS (later): now things have gone to a complete halt. WTF is going on ?

PPPS: ah ok MirrorManager Maintenance

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