Rocky server update

Hi all, trying to do a dnf update on my recently installed rocky servers I see that there is a large number of servers contacted and not just, both in http and https.
Is it possible to find the list of servers to contact in order to authorize only the necessary ones on the firewall?

Thanks in advance.

If you do look at the /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo -files you will see that many entries use ‘mirrorlist’, rather than ‘baseurl’.
If you type the URL from mirrorlist into browser (and replace $releasever with 8) you should receive a list of URLs.
That is a list of mirrors near you. The list is dynamic over time; sites start/quit being mirrors as they can.

You can comment out the mirrorlist and uncomment the baseurl, but the purpose of mirrors is to balance load on repo servers and probably offer faster connections too.

That said, the wiki has current list of all mirrors: Mirrors - Mirror Manager

Thank you very much jlehtone ! this solves a big problem for me.