Switching mirrors

I am new to Rocky Linux and rpm distros in general but when I run dnf update I get errors unable to connect to my sources. Being new I don’t know where to go to change my sources preferences. How do I do this?


I normally issue dnf clean all when this occurs, then issue dnf upgrade. Working mirrors should now be selected.

If that doesn’t work, it could be a dns issue. Whats of the output of:

ping rockylinux.org

Thanks Tom.

I feel so stupid. At first I decided to check my dns, and I discovered I was not connected to the internet. Connected now everything works fine.

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Easily done. I built a system the other week, similar issue. I first thought the outbound ports hadn’t been configured correctly on the firewall. Turned out I got one octet wrong on both the configured dns servers.

Regards Tom.