Dicom viewers and servers

It would sure be nice to have at least a dicom viewer (aeskulap) and server (orthanc) in a repository for Rocky. I tried to compile aeskulap but Rocky is lacking ‘libglademm-2.4’ which stops teh compile.

Could I interest anyone taking on being able to put these two in a repo. They are both in Fedora

Greg Ennis

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I personally don’t have enough interest in medical imaging to deal with this, but a bit of google searching shows me that there are a number of dicom viewers that run on Java. Since Java is more-or-less universal, would one of those viewers work for your situation instead of having to compile aeskulap?

Alternatively, have you tried compilng the Fedora src rpm for libglademm-2.4 on Rocky? Maybe that’s all you need to do to compile aeskulap and have this work out for you.

That could be all there is to it. Sometimes you end up going down an endless dependency rabbit hole where this requires that which requires these two other things which requires something else. But sometimes you get lucky. :slight_smile: