Desktop presentation

I’ve been trying Rocky 8.8 and 9 over the past few days. I wondered if the below should be corrected, as the Rocky wording is obscured. It doesn’t look right to me. I know this is a minor point — the desktop background is very easily changed, but first impressions count. I appreciate this has likely had a lot of work put into the design, so it is not a gripe, but just feel that presentation makes all the difference, especially when showing it to new users. :laughing:

Incidentally this is from the download : Rocky-9.2-Workstation-Lite-x86_64-20230513.0.iso

This was Rocky 8.8. I’m not sure to what extent these results relate to screen geometry, but wish the logo and text didn’t distract from the icons.

You can change the background in Rocky Linux 8 or change the settings of the activities menu to not show the background.

The logo on the bottom right for Rocky Linux 9 has nothing to do with the background, it’s part of an extension in which you can turn off using the extensions manager.

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