Centos 6.x or Unbuntu 18.04 to Rocky

I seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place as I have a Centos6.x server I’d been meaning to upgrade to Centos8.x but with the RH decision to switch to the Centos Stream I had to make a decision about which OS. I’m hosted via google cloud and I’m in the process of standing up a new VM and found a version of Rocky (which would be preferred) but it was 8.3.2011 RC1 and I was concerned about the upgrade path. I have started an instance of Ubuntu 18.04 but its not to late for me to restart w/Rocky 8.3 RC1 as long as there will be a painless upgrade path to the first production version of Rocky. Thoughts or comments welcome. - wb

This isn’t something that will be supported. A release candidate is intended for testing, not production usage.

We sure do invite you to wait for our GA release of Rocky Linux 8.4, coming “soon”.

For production usage, I’d recommend using CentOS 8 until the Rocky Linux GA drops. Upgrading from CentOS to Rocky Linux will be supported, with documentation and tooling provided to help you make the transition.

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It was the “Not for Production” message that caught my attention and prompted this message.
I believe I’ll take the advice of brian and replace my Ubuntu vm with Centos 8 and wait for Rocky 8.4 since the upgrade will be supported from Centos to Rocky. - Thanks for your responses. - wb


Have you considered AlmaLinux as CentOS replacement? They already released production ready version and recently published version 8.4.