Can't Work Out How To Enable System Tray


I’ve just installed rocky linux to a VM and wanted to test out a render farm program (Installation — CGRU - AFANASY 3.3.0 documentation)

However, the program launches into the system tray where you can launch various GUIs from. Rocky, as a default, doesn’t seem to have a system tray where I can view this icon. Is there any way to make this appear? I’ve tried searching google but I’m not finding exactly what I need.


What you’re probably looking for is “AppIndicators” or KStatusNotifierItems, which is like the system tray, but not everything understands or supports it. The system tray is not a thing in gnome (or “workstation”), so you would try to enable AppIndicators.

You can try to enable it from EPEL, but there’s no guarantees you’ll get your tray icon for your application.

sudo dnf install epel-release
sudo crb enable
sudo dnf install gnome-shell-extension-appindicator
gnome-extensions enable

Hmm, the last command tells me it doesn’t exist

I ended up finding this tray icon extension which gave me what I was looking for.


kudos!! I just installed Rocky on my desktop (laptop runs the XFCE variant) and I had a real brainf*ck to figure it out why that “well known” appindicator extension did not show apps like insync/viber etc did not show on the traybar.