Can't launch current version of Bluefish from terminal

Hoping somebody can help me resolve this startup issue.
Rocky 9.3

Initially I had bluefish 2.2.12 installed and it appeared in the software list.
Then 2.2.15 was added to the software list.

I uninstalled 2.2.12, installed 2.2.15
I can launch 2.2.15 from the menu.

When I try to launch 2.2.15 from the terminal, I get:

bluefish: command not found…
Install package ‘bluefish’ to provide command ‘bluefish’? [N/y]

If I say “Y” it wants to install: bluefish-2.2.12

I assume I just need to update path to 2.2.15 ?
I appreciate any help.

Probably doesn’t exist under /usr/bin like the 2.2.12 package:

[root@rocky9 ~]# dnf repoquery -l bluefish | grep -i bin
Last metadata expiration check: 1:22:21 ago on Wed 24 Apr 2024 05:44:44 PM CEST.

The above is results for 2.2.12. You can use the same command for your installed version, or perhaps do:

rpm -ql bluefish

EPEL has 2.2.12, so not sure where you got 2.2.15 from, but it is most likely installed in a different location, and nothing under /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin for the binary. You can create that manually though by symlinking.

The dnf repoquery is as you pointed out.

Bluefish now uses/prefers Flatpak and version 2.2.15 is the one listed in the Software list linked to Flatpak.
Flatpak has a confusing file installation system.
I don’t know if that is where I should be looking or just go back to 2.2.12 until REHL decides an upgrade is warranted.

Maybe someone who understands how Flatpak software is installed could help. !

Flatpak installs in your /home directory - under .var/app. This is why you cannot launch it from the console - it doesn’t create paths in the traditional sense like package installed using dnf.