Rockylinux 9.2 kickstarter repository issues

The issue I am facing is trying to add the EPEL repo using repo --name="rocky9-epel" --baseurl=$releasever/Everything/$basearch/ so I can install some packages during the Kickstarter install.

it seems to fail to add it as a source stating that the name conflicts with an internal repository but it seems to suggest it is a repository called “minimal” which is being added automatically and is not stated anywhere in my ks.cfg and i am unable to edit it on the install GUI

I am unsure as to where this minimal repository is being added.

Here is my full Kickstarter file which is based on the example found here

Any help would be greatly appreciated

“minimal” is a repo that is built into the minimal images we that we ship. So it sounds like you are using the minimal ISO and not the boot.iso. I would suggest that you use the boot image instead, which does not contain a “minimal” repo.

As an aside, your kickstart looks like it came from our kickstarts repo with some modifications. I would highly suggest changing “stg/rocky” to “pub/rocky” as anything can change in that directory and is not meant for general use.

Thanks for the quick reply,

I will look at using the boot.iso over the minimal ISO Thank you for the suggestions.

Out of curiosity what caused the conflict? As far as I can see the minimal repo is only being added once by the minimal iso so what about adding the EPEL repo causing it to have a conflict?

Thank you for the suggestion on changing the repositories, I am still new to all this and learning the ropes so I appreciate the advice. I’ll report back with my results / any questions.

You wrote “Rockylinux 9.2 kickstarter”, but “9.2” is already a ghost of the past.
If one has a 9.2 ISO like “minimal” or “dvd”, then one has Rocky Linux 9.2 versions of packages in it, from last May.
If one does use the “boot” ISO, then all packages come from online repos and that means now 9.3 content.
The EPEL repos are online and currently built to supplement 9.3 content.
EPEL packages for el9_3 do require* el9_3 versions of distro packages.

*Depends on whether packages did change el9_2 → el9_3.

I don’t install old content and what I do install is absolute minimum (the primary addition in kickstart – if any – being SSH public key for root). All the additional repos, packages, and config I do drop in after install with Ansible playbooks. (One could probably have and run those plays in %post of the kickstart.)

In Packer, you define an ISO URL and a checksum for that iso, at the time I started this project packer 9.2 was released and I specified the minimum image, as the image is stored locally packer does not go back and re-download the image so it is still currently using 9.2

I will upgrade to 9.3 while moving to the boot.iso Thank you.

Ok, so I Updated the iso to use instead and also implemented your suggestion to change the repositories from stg to pub.

I did get some issues as there was no BaseOS setup and after some reading, I was able to add url --url="" instead of adding it through the repo command.

All seems to be working now and I can produce some golden images Thank you for the help.

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