Cannot find kmod-drbd on either Rocky 8 or 9

Hi All.
I am trying to install a high availability system using Rocky 9. This consists of KVM with pacemaker, corosync and DRBD. My problem is I cannot find kmod-drbd for either Rocky 8 or 9. I can install drbd, but when I run drbdadm, I get modinfo: ERROR: Module drbd not found..

I have looked in the epel repositories for both 8 and 9, but cannot find them there either. The last time I installed such a system was on Centos 8, which had kmod-drbd90.x86_64 in elrepo. I found a repo on the web for Rocky HA and have enabled that, but I still have no kmod-drbd.

Any suggestions or help deeply appreciated.



dnf info kmod-drbd9x

Available Packages
Name : kmod-drbd9x
Version : 9.1.15
Release : 1.el9_2.elrepo
Architecture : x86_64
Size : 344 k
Source : kmod-drbd9x-9.1.15-1.el9_2.elrepo.src.rpm
Repository : elrepo
Summary : drbd9x kernel module(s)
License : GPLv2

dnf search drbd

kmod-drbd84.x86_64 : drbd84 kernel module(s)
kmod-drbd9x.x86_64 : drbd9x kernel module(s)

There’s drbd packages in epel repository, but perhaps require the module from elrepo as mentioned above.

Thanks Xino. Exactly what I needed. Works a treat.