Can You Install KDE and RUN KDE on Rocky Linux 9.1?

I have raised the White Flag of SURRENDER of installing KDE on a NVMe Drive mounted on a PCIe Adapter Card. While I can INSTALL KDE on the NVMe Drive, and KDE appears as one of the DE, when I pick it as my DE, enter my Password, I end up in an endless loop, ending up back at the Login. I figured out how to change DM from LightDM, to SDDM, to GDM, but changing them did not solve the problem, I still end back in a loop – BTW ALL the other DE work without a hitch. When I am running RL 8.7, my choice for a DM is Cinnamon.

Time to install RL 9.1 to kick some tires. Before I nuke 8.7 from the NVMe drive and install 9.1, I want to check to see if anyone who runs KDE, has had any problem installing and get KDE installed and come up after you hit the login page, and sfter entering your password.


I don’t know what the restrictions would be with a NVMe drive.

I do know that it’s perfectly possible to run KDE on RL9.1 because that’s what I’m typing this message on. The cheapo laptop I use has a 256Mb SSD internal. I simply used the following commands, as root.

dnf grouplist --hidden
dnf -y groupinstall "KDE Plasma Workspaces"

This downloads and installs 588 packages, totalling a 566Mb download, which needs about 1.8Gb of disk space. I then rebooted and logged in, choosing “Plasma (X11)” under the settings icon.

Hope this helps.



In addition to what @colinabrett has offered, you can also install KDE from the live images built by the Rocky development team. I’ve had no issues with these installing for testing purposes (to be fair, I don’t use KDE day-to-day). These images are ONLY available for RL 9.x however. You can find those images here

Best of luck!