KDE Plasma Login Problems in RL 8.7 -- Endless Loop

OK well… My Buddy and I finally figured out how to install an NVMe 3rd Gen drive via adapter card on an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard that came out long before the NVMe Standard became the dejur standard it is today. We installed a Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD 500 GiB drive.

After many, many incantations, most of which did not work, he found one that did work! While he installed ONLY openSUSE 15.4 on his machine he put both openSUSE 15.4 and Rocky Linux 8.7 on my NVMe Drive. More incantations followed, and I now have both openSUSE and Rocky Linux 8.7 working on my machine. Well with a minor problem: I installed KDE Plasma along with several other DE. Every last one of them work, including Cinnamon, work. The one that does NOT work is KDE Plasma X11, nor does KDE Plasma Wayland.

Regardless of which one I choose, I get to the point where I enter my Secret Sauce Password, then hit ENTER, but instead of taking me to my KDE Desktop, it circles back in a loop back to the LOGIN where I enter my Password which I then enter, then hit ENTER only to be bounced back to the Login Screen again. If I pick any other DE I’m fine just not KDE.

Q: Has anyone else who runs KDE ended up in this Login Loop after having installed KDE Plasma, If so how did you SOLVE the problem… IF you solved the problem.

Q Did you follow any SPECIAL INCANTATIONS to solve the problem. If so where do I find them.

After backing up my NVMeOn1 drive, I then proceeded to run:

dnf group remove “KDE Plasma Workspaces”

and wiped out KDE. I remember there was something particular to KDE and Rocky Linux 8.7 when I rolled over my machine from 8.6. => 8.7 but I can’t remember what I did. Ocelot works just fine now, but I’m trying to upgrade CentOS 7.9 to either openSUSE 15.4 or Rocky Linux 8.7 [eventually I will put another 1TB drive be it Spinning Rust or SSD to start kicking the tires of Rocky Linux 9.1(!!) ] I’m just grateful that I’ve got an NVMe Drive running on a motherboard that came out in 2012 running 5X faster than your standard SSD.

D’ Cat