Building and running Chiaki 2.1.1 on Rocky Linux 9.2


i’m glad to report having successfully compiled and run chiaki on Rocky Linux 9.2. :slight_smile:

chiaki is a native SDL-based PS4 and PS5 remote play client for Linux. It runs fine with my intel core i7 cpu laptop, and have managed to play ultra street fighter 4 and use the web browser without problems.

here is a few screenshots :

Desktop :

Ultra Street Fighter 4 (in multiplayer mode):

qt5 Interface (settings) :

qt5 Interface (main view) :

full screen mode (king of fighters xv) :

Build Notes:
python 3, libudev, libevdev, qt5, SDL2, nanopb and protoc are required dependencies.

In addition i have manually disabled the Rasberry PI decoder module in chiaki for compiling the binary.

Running notes:
Remote Play must also be activated as well on the PS4.

Following the instructions from chiaki makes this process quite painless! :slight_smile:

Known issues:

  • Netflix app is not working. This seem to be a restricted policy enforced in the ps4.
  • Not working with PS4 firmware < 8.0.

The source code is here: ~thestr4ng3r/chiaki v2.1.1 - sourcehut git

Credits to thestr4ng3r !


That’s awesome! I think it also works as a remote play for PS5 if I am not mistaken :slight_smile:

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Correct… the PS5 is fully compatible with the PS4 (pro) version 8 firmware :sunglasses:

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