Virtualbox Rocky Linux 9.1 Install Qbittorrent-nox


I performed a minimal installation of rocky linux headless and i want to test it with qbittorrent-nox as headless.

There is anyway?

I saw that snap has only a strange version and i don’t trust it very much?

Thanks a lot


Since qbittorrent is a QT bittorrent client, which means it requires a graphical environment to run. If you want to run headless, meaning just console, then you need a console-based bittorrent client. For example rtorrent.


The easiest way would be to install rocky linux 8.7 and install qbittorrent-nox from epel.

If you want to stick with 9.1 its not in epel for 9 (possibly yet, it may be added), you have a couple of choices: Compile from source or try and build from a src using mock.


I maybe wrong but to me it looks like nox is a headless (similar to transmission-daemon) client/server. It may require a few qt libraries for the web interface, but I don’t think it needs a full DE.

Regards Tom.

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Ah yeah could be, I didn’t google enough to see if there was a console one :slight_smile: I know transmission has a CLI version, but it wasn’t in the repos, so I went with what a dnf search gave me :slight_smile:

Thx @tjdoyle for the correction :beers:

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