Successful VirtualBox install of RL 9 - looking for Multimedia Advice

Hi Team, RL9 working great under Virtualbox Version 6.1.34 r150636 (Qt5.6.2) - audio stutter gone, lots of improvements. Very pleased - thank you everyone!

All the office basics and apps are on now…

Looking for a good multimedia guide - I run everything in VM’s - including Zoom calls, video - the works. Any recent recommended guides or walk throughs on doing this? Every time I build an EL machine - CentOS, Oracle, Rocky - it seems I find and wander through a random set of instructions found on the web for adding codecs and so forth - and 50% of the time I’ll do some damage in the process.

Has anyone made such a guide that’s recent and would apply to Rocky? If not, I guess that’ll be my next calling - but do need to get something happening quickly before the boss finds out I’m running a Windows build… LOL

Thank you, Arthur…

I would say start with the rpmfusion repos. With the stuff available from it, you cn install things like mplayer, though you’ll have to get several srpms from rpmfind and friends. I have my own page, not really multimedia specific that includes getting the srpms for mplayer at RHEL9 and clones. My own multimedia guide is dated, though it goes through converting various file formats nd some still find it useful at Working with multimedia from the command line . It doesn’t cover zoom though, and as I said much of it is dated.

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this one is the instruction for installing the codec for rocky 8

so use the link inside it to twist it to work for rocky 9

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

And if feeling ambitious, the ffmpeg people have a guide to installing from source. It’s for CentOS but tried it on an alma9 VM and it works.

Managed to get it all going… though next time, I’ll make a short video. Running the system on an Intel based OneXPlayer handheld - here’s a pic… Runs all multimedia and virtualbox.