VLC: EPEL vs. RPMFusion


There’s two versions of VLC in the third-party repositories EPEL vs. RPMFusion. Before I haphazardly choose one of the two, I thought I’d rather ask here. Is one version “better” than another? Better maintained, integrating more codecs, etc.?



Hey Niki!

So I guess you are talking about EL9 right? Because for el7/el8 there is only a version in RPMFusion. Fedora only got that in 38 (and then of course EPEL 9).
Also looking closely the package in EPEL looks to be maintained by the same person as the RPMFusion version.
Then the EPEL version has a few less patches (most likely because of the next thing), and does not have support for faad2, x264 and x265, pretty sure the RPMFusion version has that. These will most likely come as the freeworld packages from RPMFusion then.

But yeah, if you have both RPMFusion and EPEL enabled on your Rocky 9 system you will get the EPEL version installed as it the later version.
Having that since a while, so vlc from EPEL and vlc-plugins-freeworld from RPMFusion :+1:

Cheers, Lukas

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Better direct this question to the rpmfusion and fedora-devel lists. It seems both teams do not really coordinate very well together.

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RPM Fusion project coordinator (and former vlc maintainer there).

The coordination effort is questionable, that’s the least to say. But for end-users perspective el9+ will have vlc from EPEL and vlc-plugins-freeworld to complement the few missing codec . Please remind to use the complement ffmpeg (ffmpeg-libs or libavcodec-freeworld).

Because vlc in Fedora/EPEL uses ffmpeg >= 5, the VAAPI support is disabled. It means no video acceleration in GPU hardware. This will be restored with vlc-4 (no ETA).
See also the upstream report VAAPI is disabled with ffmpeg5 on vlc-3x (#26772) · Issues · VideoLAN / VLC · GitLab

Note: I’ve removed the previous RPM Fusion’s vlc packages for el9+, will be dropped from repository on the next push