Boot stalls at "fd0: switching to (null) from EFI VGA"

Rocky 8.5 was installed with an NVIDIA graphics card. Then we need to be able to boot without the graphics card. The AMD Ryzen 7900X has basic graphics. So we removed the Nvidia card and moved the monitor to the motherboard HDMI. That works fine for the BIOS, but boot halts after:

fb0: switching to (null) from EFI VGA

We are unable to boot into emergency or single user mode - the result is always the same. I have tried

a) Append, or rd.break to the grub2 kernel line.
b) Replace “rhbg quiet” with “init=/bin/bash” on the grub2 kernel line.
c) Append “3” to the grub2 kernel line

and various other similar options recommended in that fount of all wisdom, the Internet. The boot looks fine until then but always stops at the indicated point (assuming “quiet” is removed from the grub2 kernel line).

We would like to use the processor/motherboard graphics. The reason we installed Rocky with a graphics card installed is that the installation did not work without it. But we can’t have the graphics card installed because we need the PCIe slot for other purposes.

One more fact: Motherboard is ROG Strix B650E-E.