Boot into Gnome broken after teradici uninstall

we have a system that will not boot into Gnome automatically after HP Anywere/ teradici was installed and then uninstall. We have done the " sudo systemctl set-default " reset and the output "systemctl get-default " gives the expected “ “ result and the symlinks look like they correct. However the boot stops at the command line and then you need to run “startx” to get Gnome to start. What other setting could the teradici installer messed with and not setup back after it was uninstalled ? The system is on Rocky 8.5. Could not find anything on the HP anywhere forum to help. Any help will be gratefully received.

sounds like your display manager has gone AWOL
what display manager were you using before teradici was installed?
most probably gdm so try

systemctl status gdm

OR if you don’t know

systemctl status display-manager

if stopped and disabled then rectify

sorry for the delay in reponding. only just been able to test
thanks for this it looks to of worked on our test system. Need to test of a system in the field, but it looks very good.
thanks again