Blank Screen with Latest webkit2gtk3

I’m running Rocky 8.10 vanilla kernel with dkms Nvidia drivers from nvidia’s cuda repo.
Ran full dnf update and all appeared well.

Running GNUCash, I found that I was getting blank screen on report/printout screens. I noted that webkit2gtk was recently updated to 2.42.5-1.

Foo’ed my way to this from October 2023: Here where a solution was presented.

Digging deeper, I came across this webkit Bugzilla report [Here] (228268 – [GTK4] [REGRESSION] Rendering on Nvidia is terribly broken, almost a blank screen)
where someone who works for RH??? made the statement that RH only supports webkit for nouveau users.

I’m extremely ignorant when it comes to this level of the OS, so I just followed directions. Created a file in /etc/profile.d/ and added the following machine environment variable with the line



I’ll have to keep my eyes open to see if it created some unintended consequences elsewhere, but for now all is displaying correctly again.

As the webkit package has been recently updated, hope this helps if someone else if having a similar issue. I’m happy to take any constructive criticism if someone has a better solution or can explain the problem with a bit more clarity.

Good day!