Always in Performance mode

Hey all,
since some days, I’m not quite sure since when exactly, I effectively can’t change the power saving mode of my laptop to anything other then “Performance”.
Using the upper right menu in the taskbar, selecting “Balanced” or “Power Saver” will just close the menu, and when I open it again, it’s back to Performance.

Using the system settings instead, I can select “Power Saver” and it appears to be active, but when I close the settings and reopen them, it’s also switched back to Performance.

I haven’t installed many apps, and the most complex thing I’ve installed is the Nvidia driver (proprietary, via RPMFusion).
Maybe that’s the problem?

I had installed gnome tweaks at some point, but deinstalled it again…

Any ideas?

I’m new to linux, it’s possible i’ve messed sth. up somewhere without knowing it, but I really have no idea what it could be.

Thank you,

Are you running on a laptop that uses optimus (an intel gpu with discrete nvidia)? If so, you may want to see if you can run something like prime-select intel - If your laptop is nvidia only, prime-select on-demand perhaps.

I don’t use nvidia hardware anymore, so my knowledge may be incorrect in this case.

I have a related question -

I have not been able to make nvidia-prime run on rocky 9.x

It was previously working on rocky 8.6 and below.

I was following the fedora-prime bosim - script did not work

Is this the suggested guide, or does anyone have another suggestion?

For now, I had to install endeavour, and it works there. But I would rather use rocky if possible, as it’s more stable with less frequent reboots, etc…

Any help would be most appreciated - this is time-consuming and imho holding RHEL/clones back for laptop use.