NVIDIA Rocky linux 9.3 Dell Precision 7670 laptop [please HELP!]

Hi all, first - I’m Linux super noob,
Second - I’m desperate to install Nvidia Driver + CUDA on my laptop Dell Precision 7670 - intel i9 12gen and Nvidia 3080ti… Anybody here who have Dell Precision laptop with Nvidia, any guide please?

I tried a lot of methods what I found here or with google, but after some system update all broken and I can see only black screen after reboot (probably also kernel update)… Lastly I tried rpmfusion as recommended here in forums - akmod, but after install and reboot black screen again, not even system update…Why its so difficult to install Nvidia drivers?

Only method which kinda works for me before any system update screw it its dkms here:
How to Install NVIDIA Driver and CUDA on Rocky 9.1 - Rocky Linux General - Rocky Linux Forum

or original downloaded and .run Nvidia drivers from their website…guide here:
The ULTIMATE Rocky Linux Install Guide with NVIDIA Drivers! | Pro Tips and Tricks Included! :mountain_snow: (youtube.com)

  • I have secure boot enabled, I tried also to disable it and do it then, but still got same stuff, nvidia driver not working / black screen after install / reboot
  • I have permanently disabled Intel Graphics in bios, don’t need it at all.

Thanks for any help and info!