Alternate character key issue in gnome Rocky 9

Hello everyone

step to reproduce

  1. install rocky using server with gui
  2. create user during the installation
  3. after installation finished and you logged on with the created account

try to use the right alt key it will not work (not hardware issue as i will prove later)

go to setting → keyboard → type special character → you will find Alternate character key by default select alt key that why it reserved for that if you change the key to any thing else the right alt will work and the other one will not work as expected (so it’s not hardware)

now try to create another account and test it and you will find all key working fine
only when you go to the alternate key and just click on it it will reserve that key and there no way to change that

so the issue that the account that created while installing set the alternate key i am not sure if the issue exist in rhel9 or it just rocky

if you have other way to reset it please let me know

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:

just tested rhel9 and this issue is not there
by issue i mean the default behavior of the account that i create in the installation

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile: