Abrt and abrt-addon-ccpp packages not found in Rocky Linux 9

I could not find abrt and abrt-addon-ccpp packages in Rocky Linux 9. These are not present in epel repo as well. How can I get these packages installed in rocky linux 9?

so it appears to be available in fedora 38, but your right there’s a distinct lack of any of the popular rpm repos carrying it for EL9.
you could rebuild the F38 version for 9 yourself by getting the source rpm from F38 and using rpm-build plus all its associated support tools (which if your using abrt im guessing you are already aware of).
otherwise you might have to wait until it gets made available via RHEL/EPEL.
regards peter

Thank you Peter. I will get the source from fedora 38 and try to build the rpm

coredumpctl was chosen over abrt. it is unlikely abrt will ever come back to rhel.

See here.

Thank you @nazunalika