100% CPU usage under ESXi 6.5 (18071574)

When I create a Rocky Linux 8.4 VM under ESXi 6.5, the VM continuously shows 100% CPU usage of any/all allocated cores in the VM console, although the OS shows minimal CPU usage. When I install CentOS 8.4, CPU usage in the VM console approximately matches the OS. Any suggestions? I’ve set the OS type to CentOS Linux 7 (64-bit) or RHEL 7 (64-bit). open-vm-tools is installed, and the machine is a Dell R610 with two X5675 CPUs. Please let me know if any other details are useful, thanks.

@SteveShockley, welcome to the Rocky Linux Forums.

  1. How many vCPUs did you allocate to your VM?
  2. How many CPUs total are on the physical host?
  3. How many vCPUs have you already allocated?

I saw this problem with VMware ESXi in a professional environment where there was a problem with over-subscription of CPUs and it was not obvious. That could be the problem in this case for you as well.

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