Fatal glibc error: CPU does not support x86-64-v2

I have received this error on VCenter 7, how can I fix it?
Fatal glibc error: CPU does not support x86-64-v2

It’s exactly as it sounds. CPU does not support x86-64-v2. You need to ensure your host CPU supports x86-64-v2 and you need to ensure that your VM settings provide a CPU with the correct extensions.

The need for

is explained in Building Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 for the x86-64-v2 microarchitecture level | Red Hat Developer
and discussed in El9 will require x86-64-v2 support

cpu model : intel xeon 5218 gold

better list info from lscpu you can also look if your cpu supports this set of instructions cpu architecture - How do I check if my CPU supports x86-64-v2? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

What is vcenter? A hypervisor? Is the error from Rocky 9 installer when about to install a VM?
The xeon 5218 gold ought to support the required instructions, but if the vcenter is a hypervisor, does it pass all of them to the VM?

Vcenter 7.0.3
Esxi 7.0.3
Yes Yes, I get the error from the beginning of the installation

در تاریخ چهارشنبه ۲۹ مه ۲۰۲۴، ۱۵:۴۴ Jukka V. Lehtonen via Rocky Linux Forum <notifications@rockylinux.discoursemail.com> نوشت:

Check your EVC profile in VCenter since you probably have it set too low for a CPU that doesn’t support x86_64-v2. Usually EVC profiles are used for multiple servers that have varying levels of hardware versions and the EVC profile then treats all the servers at the same CPU level thus allowing machines to be live migrated to any one of the machines in the VMware Cluster.


What mode should I put evc mode on now?
Intel® “Merom” Generation

Well since merom is Core 2 Duo, then that is like a CPU from 2006-2008. I think you need something at least Haswell or higher (Skylake).

List of Intel CPU microarchitectures - Wikipedia.

Wikipedia lists for x86-64-v2:

  • Intel Nehalem and newer Intel “big” cores
  • Intel (Atom) Silvermont and newer Intel “small” cores
  • AMD Bulldozer and newer AMD “big” cores
  • AMD Jaguar
  • VIA Nano and Eden “C”

I’d say: pick “latest and greatest” that all your baremetal servers support. (One is not likely to add something lesser/older and then migrate to it, is one?)