Error when installing rocky 9 on proxmox ve 7

Hello, i am trying to install rocky linux 9… on ProxmoxVE
and when i try to boot into the OS i have the following issue displayed

while the error doesn’t appear when installing rocky linux 8

This can mostly be because of the new CPU requirements for RHEL9/Rocky 9 to x86-64-v2 and higher. Ensure that proxmox passes this through, and that the server underneath has this CPU specification.

Post on proxmox forum: kernel panic when creating VMs (centos 9 stream ISO) | Proxmox Support Forum change CPU to host in VM config.

thank you si much for your feedback


This fixed my problem: changing the CPU type to host
but i saw some comments indicating that this might alter performance
do you have any idea if this could decrease system performance

Using host, more likely that the VM will be faster since you are passing through the exact cpu your server has. If using virt-io under KVM, then this is practically almost native hardware speeds.

Emulating processors will be slower.

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Thank a lot for your help @iwalker

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