Rocky Linux Minimal doesn´t installation

Hello everyone, I was trying to install RockyLinux 9 Minimal but it comes up with errors, could someone help me? thanks…

Can you describe the errors?

that’s the error…

What is the processor on your host? That stack trace usually indicates CPU extensions that are required are missing.

I’m asking about the CPU on your system, not the settings in virtual box. If your CPU does not support x86-64-v2, then you will not be able to boot a Rocky 9 system.


That probably has the support.
Then question is how to make the virtualbox expose enough features to VM guest?
(I assume the failure occurs in VM, not in bare metal.)

yes, definitely choose to install version 8.5

The problem has already been discussed here:

nazunalika, last image RL9 work correct !
Check config VM.