ZFS SMB share problem

Hi folks,

I just simply trying to create a zpool and share it via samba. You can see the steps that I follow and the error.

zpool create -f -m /mnt/data mypool /dev/sdb
zfs set sharesmb=on mypool
cannot share 'mypool: system error': SMB share creation failed

Samba service is up and running. I have created a share in my ubuntu server with the same commands successfully. Could you please give me any advice?


Most likely an selinux thing, you can check /var/log/audit/ log files. Also you can do:

setenforce 0

to set selinux in permissive mode, and then redo the commands to see if it creates. That would confirm an issue with selinux at least.

SELinux status is disabled but still having the same problem. SELinux completely disabled, server rebooted, zpool destroyed and created again.