Mount.cifs requires reboot before smb share will connect

Hi, We have a weird situation on Rocky 8.9 using mount from util-linux 2.32.1, selinux running in permissive mode. We are mounting SMB shares from a TrueNAS. Each time we add a new mount to the /etc/fstab, create the destination folder, then mount.cifs returns a permission denied. 3 other mounts exist that use the same credentials file (groups are managed in AD, so all have same access user).
sanitized /etc/fstab entry:
//smb-server/share-name /mnt/smb-server/share-name cifs sec=ntlmv2,gid=GROUP,credentials=/path/.credentials-file,domain=DOMAIN,file_mode=0660,dir_mode=0770,mfsymlinks,vers=3.0,_netdev 0 0

dmesg entry:
[461862.024641] CIFS: Attempting to mount \smb-server\smb-sharename
[461862.025809] CIFS: VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -13

the /mnt/smb-server/share-name has chmod 770.

Every time we add a new smb share to the mount location we are forced to reboot the machine before it works. Is there a way around this? This server runs a system for researchers that submits long jobs to an HPC cluster. It seems silly to have to wait for a break in jobs for a week or more.

Appreciate any thoughts.
Kenny @ Montana State University

It may be that you have to run:

systemctl daemon-reload

after making changes to fstab to implement the systemd hooks that configure file system mounts.

Yes I tried that, mount outputs that for new fstab entries.


Can you mount the shares at the command line as the intended user?
I stopped using fstab entries a while ago and now just use scripts to create the mount point and mount shares. But I have no experience with AD so I don’t know what complications that might add.