Rocky Linux 9.2 - problème with cifs

Good morning,
sorry, my level of English is not very high.
I have a samba server in centos 7, and workstations in rocky linux 9.2.
Since upgrading to version 9.2 I can no longer mount my network shares.

Dmesg returns the error:
[259867.087324] CIFS: VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation.
[259867.087336] CIFS: VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code=-111
Do you have any idea about the cause of this problem?
I went back to the old kernel and the old cifs-utils and it doesn’t work anymore either.

I started wireshark, and I found that rocky linux does not respond on port 139 and 445, while the firewall is disabled and selinux too.
I don’t understand what can be blocking.

‘-111’ means ‘connection refused’, so from this, along with no response from ports 139 and 445, can I ask if you have checked if Samba is actually running on your Samba server ?

Salut Ouvrard,

je connais pas trop comment marche samba avec red hat mais j’imagine que
c’est géré avec systemd.

tu pourrais aussi consulter cette page :

hope this helps :slight_smile:


The samba server under centos 7 is operational and works correctly for workstations in Centos 7.
Only workstations in Rocky linux 9.2 no longer access it since i passs the upgrade to 9.2.
line example in fstab :
//<Samba_server>/<share_name> /mnt/ cifs rw,_netdev,auto,user,uid=,gid=,credentials=<file_credential>,vers=2.1 0 0

This morning I did another test :
RL9.2 → SAMBA-RL9.2 => OK
Between 9.1 and 9.2, kernel is upgrade and cifs-utils is upgrade. I see the old rpm for cifs-utils.
I saw that the old rpm package for cifs-utils was removed on RL repositories

Could be that the old ones are using SMB1 and cannot access the new installs because SMB2 or higher. The new ones might not be able to access the old ones because it wants SMB2 or higher.

You can configure samba to allow newer installs to connect to SMB2, or configure the older ones to use SMB2 - assuming of course the version of samba on the older installs allows for it.

Thank you iwalker,
I will investigate this lead.

This could be the reason, but whilst saying things like ‘RL9.2 → SAMBA-RL9.2 => OK’ might mean something to others, it is meaningless to myself, It would be a lot better if it was the Samba versions instead.
SMBv1 is deprecated and turned of by default from Samba 4.11.0, but all the code is still there (not that I recommend using it) and SMBv2 was available since Samba 4.0.0 (at least).
Not entirely sure when it happened, but CIFS now defaults to SMBv3.

Thank you Hortimech,
this confirms what I thought, Samba on centos 7 is configured in SMB2 version. It is surely too low.

Hello, the problem is solved,
in SMB3 version,
it is mandatory to mention the domain when connecting to a samba server.
The problem appeared after upgrading the samba server to version 4.10.16-20 on centos 7.
The old version did not require the domain to be mentioned when connecting ( mount -t cifs …)
Thank you all