Xinetd rpm for rockylinux 9


i want to install my port forwardings from my old centos 7 system but i can not find the xinetd package in rockylinux 9 i have tried already to find it with yum whatprovides but there is nothing is there any source for this rpm?

xinetd is long gone in 9. You will need to setup systemd socket services instead.


thanks for help have you an running example for this?

I have only found a example witch using internal socat.

This shows an example that I found with google: An example network service with systemd-activated socket in Python. #systemd #python #socket #socket-activation · GitHub

The first part shows defining the service for the program that you want to run. The second part (socket file) sets up the listening/port part.

Whilst they are listed as user-based systemd in that example, if you want system-wide, you just put them under /etc/systemd/system - and then you can do the similar steps with systemd for daemon-reload, enable, and then start/restart/stop the service and socket systemd items.

Not personally tried it, but it should work.


thanks this is an similar solution to that i have found. But on the example i found there was socat instead of . But if i want to use socat i can start it in screen. So i dont need systemd. xinetd does port forwardings out of the box. xinetd rest in peace :frowning:

Yep, usually from the files placed in the xinetd.d directory for it to run when xinetd is restarted. I used it a lot for various things. I know rsync used to be under xinetd as well at some point, and now there is a systemd service for it. So you could install that, and take a look at how it’s done for rsync now. At least unless they’ve changed the way rsync runs under systemd than in comparison to how it was with xinetd. If the same, then the rsync systemd stuff might give a hint in how to do it similar to the above example (perhaps).


thanks for your help. I think the best way for me personaly is to switch to rockylinux 8. Because here is my current version supported and rockylinux 9 have only 2 years more support.

Rocky Linux 9 is supported until 2032. See here.