Win mstsc to rocky.. no unlock to screen lock

Hi… a newbie here… I did search for this issue, i found few more are also facing my issue…
As shown here…

But, i have not found a solution yet…

Issue is simple… From my windows laptop, i use mstsc to login a rocky Linux system.
When i am doing some tasks back in my windows, the rocky screen locks up(automatic screen lock, maybe)
when i want to go to rocket again… mstsc shows a locked screen of rocky… Simply there are no way to get a unlock screen… When i randomly click/double click… Sometimes it works and give me an unlock screen…but it’s stupidly frustrating.

Am not sure what am I missing… Kindly suggest…thanks.

I believe clicking and dragging the screen up is how you would unlock the Gnome screensaver. I’m not sure if keypresses, like pressing enter or spacebar, would also allow the password option to appear to unlock it. But I do remember needing to drag the screen upwards to unlock in one of my VM’s before now. Maybe that works?

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Thanks iwalker… Much appreciated…will check that idea and let you know in two hrs.
Meanwhile… Any ideas how i can find the source code of the screen lock please.

Hi @iwalker … sorry that i opened that other post… i thought i should ask that question in the dev section, then only it will reach right people…
as dev guys may not check this “general” forum, i thought.
ok, sure, thanks for closing that other post.

If it’s just a vm why not remove the gnome-screensaver rpm and avoid the whole issue?

Sure, that’s a great idea… can you please tell how to remove the gnome screensaver package…thanks

dnf remove gnome-screensaver

Thanks a ton, Frank!