Screenlock source code path please

Hi There…
A newbie to Linux development here… (got some C, Shell, Python knowledge,… though. )

As i am facing the issue with the Rocky Linux LockScreen, as written here:

  1. may i know, the source code which is responsible for Screen Lock please.
  2. on my system, i have disabled the “screen lock” option, but still screen gets locked. so something wrong with the screenlock source code.

i would like to have a look at that source code (and if possible i will try to rectify this issue). Pls suggest me how to proceed, thanks.

oh, how did i miss this… i think i should check the gnome source code for screenlock… not at the kernel level.
someone please confirm, thanks

You already asked it here: Win mstsc to rocky.. no unlock to screen lock - #3 by Vairamuthu why are you opening another post instead of waiting for someone to reply to the original thread?

Please don’t repeat post. I’m closing this, so it can be continued in the original thread.