WiFi Hotspot with RL8.6 - missing GUI bits

I want to set up my Lenovo M73 in hotspot mode so that wifi clients can access its ethernet internet connection over its built-in wifi. However, trying to follow How to Share Wired Internet Via Wi-Fi and Vice Versa on Linux fails because the WiFi Settings screen lacks the “Use as Hotspot…” button - all I see is a list of WiFi networks I can connect to.

Digging a bit further I found https://computingforgeeks.com/create-wi-fi-hotspot-on-linux/ which tells me how to do it using nmcli and the instructions work, and when I go to WiFi Settings I see the hotspot instead of the active network list, but when I switch off the hotspot I lose visibility of it on the GUI and have to re-enable it using nmcli.

So how do I get the proper GUI to mess with the hotspot settings and enable/disable?

[EDIT] okay, so running nm-connection-editor from the command line (or opening Advanced Network Configuration from Application > Utilities in the Classic Gnome menu) opens up a GUI editor that allows me to create and edit the hotspot settings, but still no luck finding the magic “switch it on” button.