Network card disconnected

I’ve done a bare metal Rocky 8.9 install on a PC, but I can’t get the network card to connect to the LAN. It’s an on board network card
When I run nmcli device status, it returns:

virbr0 bridge connnected (externally) virbr0
enp1s0 ethernet disconnected –
lo loopback unmanaged –

The 2nd line is in red… Obviously enpl1s0 is the network card, but how do I get it to connect and activate?!

Thanks in advance for any advice

Sorry, I should point out the the bare metal image was taken from a similar device, with updated 8.9

Original image device, where the OS image was captured is a Intel® SDM Slot-In PC Standard - Sharp NEC Display Solutions (Intel® Celeron G4930E 2x2.4GHz)

New device is a SDM Slot-In PC Essential - Sharp NEC Display Solutions (Intel Elkhart Lake Atom® x6413E Processor 4x 1.5GHz)

Everything is working bar the network card. I reckon it’s because the network device on the older device the wired network device is called eno1 and on the new device the wired device is called enp1s0… So the question for the OS on the new device is, how to get enp1s0 connected and started up! Everything else on the image works perfectly!


What do you get with:

nmcli con show
lspci -nn | grep -i net

I covered a couple of my Wifi hotspots as it gives away my location :wink:

First, the NetworkManager does by default create a connection for every interface, but if one adds certain package, then it does not. We can create a connection manually:

nmcli con add con-name wire ifname enp1s0 ipv4.method auto ipv6.method auto

If you don’t have or want IPv6, then ipv6.method disabled

The “auto” makes connection use DHCP to get config.

You can also remove the unnecessary connection:

nmcli con del eno1

If the above is correctl, then you should get more pleasant:

nmcli c s
nmcli d s
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Legend! We have action! Thanks a million for your help!

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