What was your first Linux distro?

RedHat Linux 7.2 (I still have the original box/contents which I bought at Best Buy for $59.99 )

Before that, OS/2

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kurumin - old scholl
mandriva - old
endeavour - interface
mint - memory
ubuntu - domestic
zorin - domestic premium
core - miminal
cloudlinux - server gui
centos - server
rocky …

others on vms - ( ? )

I got a free cd of linux with an electronics book i don’t remember the distro name
but what i remember is an insaller named yast.It was around 1999 and installed it on my pentium 100mhz
internet was a rare thing those days in my town Tiruppur.It was hard for me to make anything usefull out of it.I shift back to windows 97.
Then In 2005 Got a copy of ubuntu cd played a lot with it and got a bit confident with linux.
And later moved to centos and started to rely on it the same way now i am on rocky.

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Most likely SUSE linux, I don’t remember any other distros using Yast, although it’s possible some do.

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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

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Fedora Core 2

Now, I multiboot between Fedora :drop_of_blood: , Ubuntu :thinking: , Devuan :older_man: , openSUSE :green_square: and Rocky :man_office_worker:

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I don’t recall if I had used any Linux at the university or work before that, but at least in home use my first Linux was Mandrake Linux (the predecessor of the Mandriva Linux). I don’t recall which version and when exactly.

(before Linux I had used e.g. HP-UX with VUE somewhat, but it wasn’t a Linux distro but a “real UNIX” running on HP workstations)

However, I wasn’t heavily using it for home use at that time, mainly just dabbling and trying it out. Much later at some point I used Fedora for some time, but I didn’t like it that much as if felt like a buggy beta version of Red Hat (which it was I guess), and when it finally became stable, it became EOL and I had to move to another unstable release.

I think I tried some CentOS version at one point, then went Ubuntu but hated it when they got that shitty Unity user interface, I jumped ship from Ubuntu to Linux Mint (which is basically Ubuntu without any of the downsides and a more familiar user interface (I prefer XFCE for its clean and simple design and low resource requirements)).

In home use, I am currently using both Linux Mint and Rocky Linux side by side (on different laptops/PCs). Oh and Raspberry OS on the RPi4 too. Linux Mint may be more geared or even suitable for home use, but I like how Rocky Linux has a more professional feel to it even in desktop use. And also the much longer lifespan of Rocky Linux (RHEL) is a big plus too, the EOL deadline will not come quite as soon as with e.g. Linux Mint/Ubuntu.

Plus, setting up Rocky Linux in dualboot with Windows 11 Pro (which has Bitlocker enabled) and SecureBoot seems easier, and at least doable, compared to other distro families. For instance:

  • Linux Mint insisted I’d have to disable (unencrypt) BitLocker in the Windows 11, before I can install Mint on the side. Apparently I could still enable BitLocker afterwards, but I didn’t want to test it. I have to have BitLocker enabled on Windows 11 Pro, employer requirement and I prefer it too. Hey I have luks2 encryption enabled on the Rocky Linux partition too!

  • I tried Manjaro (based on ArchLinux I think) as well, but it doesn’t support SecureBoot at all, apparently. The most common advice in Manjaro forums is to disable SecureBoot, which is not an option for me on this laptop, due to Windows 11.

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Well, I really don’t remember.
DOS 5.0 was the first OS on a 386 with 80MB HDD.
I am pretty sure that the first Linux was Mandriva and then Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Gentoo and from then the list is too long to list here but RHEL, OEL, Rocky, Alma, SLES…
Works with whatever fits the environment I am working on.

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